Embarking on a global distributors, we extend a sincere invitation to potential distributors around the world. Join us in fostering success and unlocking new horizons together. Explore rewarding opportunities and become a vital part of our expanding global network!
Quality Products or Services
Stable Supply Chain and Timely Delivery
Competitive Compensation and Rewards
Professional Training and Support
We take pride in our robust and creative in-house design team, dedicated to crafting attention-grabbing advertising signage and illuminated lettering that makes your brand stand out in the market. We understand that design is not just about visuals; it's the vivid expression of your brand story.
With over 100 skilled factory workers, we possess outstanding technical expertise in manufacturing. This vast and efficient team ensures that your projects are completed with high quality within stable timelines.
Boasting over 20 sales teams, we focus on providing personalized solutions for our clients. Regardless of the scale of your needs, we offer professional advice and customized services.
We proudly have our own research and development team committed to driving industry innovation. By incorporating the latest technologies and trends, we ensure to deliver advanced advertising signage and illuminated lettering products for our clients.
Specializing in advertising signage and illuminated lettering, our products are renowned in the industry for stable delivery timelines and excellent quality. Our signage is not just a brand display; it's a commitment to quality and innovation.
LONGLU is dedicated to providing outstanding products and services. We believe that through our professional team, advanced technology, and exceptional quality, we can bring unparalleled visual impact to your brand.
Choosing LONGLU means receiving more than just signage; it's a reliable partnership. Let's collaborate to create brilliance and infuse new vitality into your brand!
Leo Liu
Leo Liu
LONGLU Founder
LONGLU was founded in 2008 by Leo Liu. Over the past 15 years, he has devoted all his efforts to the signage industry and has brought the best quality and Creative and Innovative signage  to the world. He always emphasizes the quality of the product above all else, which is also the core of LONGLU.